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Mersey Waste Munchers


Let’s Get Cooking has been awarded funding from the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority Community Fund to help families eat healthily whilst cutting their waste and budget.

Through this project they have set up Mersey Waste Muncher cooking clubs. The club co-ordinators are teaching families how to cook using up leftovers, batch cooking and freezing so that nothing goes to waste. They are also sharing tips about meal planning, safe food storage and how to correctly read labels.

Learning to cook is an excellent way to start getting more value from your food. Cooking from scratch is often cheaper than buying ready-prepared foods, take-aways or eating out.

Becoming a confident cook allows you to use leftover ingredients to produce nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. Best of all, meals will taste too good to end up in the bin!

We have produced a recipe and activity pack to complement this work which you can download below. By using the tips and recipes in this pack we can work together to help reduce the amount of wasted food, learn new skills, have fun cooking the recipes and enjoy eating the meals.


munchers_activity_packLet’s Get Cooking Mersey Waste Munchers Recipes and Activity Ideas – click the cover image left to download the PDF.