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Recipe cards

On this page you will find a selection of recipes that use all sorts of common leftovers and standard kitchen ingredients to create new delicious dishes. From quick pizzas using bread and veg to a hearty minestrone soup – so before you go shopping, check these recipes to see if there’s anything you could make up out of what you’re already got!

Moroccan style chicken stew
Hey presto pizza
Spring vegetable risotto
Roast lamb salad on a potato cake
Sausage risotto
Stripey multi-fruit smoothie
Spanish potato tortilla
Speedy stir fry
Stir fried seafood with noodles
Twice potatoes
Vegetable lasagne
Anything goes quesadilla
Baked citrus pears and apples
Fruity bakewell tart
Big spaghetti bolognese sauce
Vegetable bolognese sauce
Easy cheesy pasta bake
Jamaican vegetables, beans and rice


Make 28 Taste Great – competition winners!

The recipe cards below are the winners in the Merseyside and Halton ‘Make 28 Taste Great’ recipe competition, which was launched in response to the fact that 28% of waste in Merseyside and Halton is food waste. It looked to residents across the region for smart ways to use leftovers and ingredients to create healthy meals with a regional flavour. Make28TasteGreat_WebBanner

– Whatever you make it! sauce – Anne Griffiths
– Christmas Leftovers Soup – David Jame Merrill
– Fab Four Bruschetta Boats – Denise Cullen
– Creme Fields Soup – Devon Crowley
– Peawack & Chicken Pasta – Georgia Barnabas
Mersey Forest Bread and Butter Pudding – Jordon Huyton
– Leftover Chicken Jambalaya – Jude Samson
Superlambanana Shake – Vikki Chapman

Take a look at our Make 28 Taste Great competition winners video on YouTube.