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Reducing food waste

Love Food, Hate Waste…Save Money!

What can you do to reduce the amount of food you throw away? Follow these simple tips…

• Check what is in the cupboard, fridge and freezer before going shopping
• Know what you are going to buy before you go shopping
• Plan meals in advance
• Check the dates on food regularly and use foods with the shortest date first
• Freeze foods you will not get round to eating in time
• Measure portion sizes to help avoid cooking or serving too much food
• Be creative with using up leftovers (most leftovers will keep for two days in the fridge if they are well wrapped, apart from rice)
• Use the fridge to extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables
• Wrap fresh foods well or store in air-tight containers once opened

Looking for more help?

For more information and handy tips, advice and recipes for leftovers to help waste less food, visit

Sainsbury’s have their own Waste Less, Save More campaign, with practical hints and tips on how to save money on food bills – see

For Apple and Android users you can download an App that allows you to easily keep track of food planning, shopping, cooking meals and making the most of leftovers. The App also has lots of great recipe ideas and tips for using forgotten foods and leftovers to make great tasting meals –