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Junk the Junk Mail (11 June 2012)

Merseyside residents are today urged to help end the deluge of junk mail poured through their letter boxes every year.

Around 390 million pieces of junk mail land on Merseyside doormats every year and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and its council partners are today launching a campaign to help residents fight back.

The ‘Junk the Junk Mail’ campaign tells householders how to cut back on unwanted mail by registering with a range of services and it is giving away free letter box stickers with the words ‘No Junk Mail or Leaflets. Thank You’ to help junk mailers get the message.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) Chairperson Councillor Joe DeAsha said: “The ‘Junk the Junk Mail’ campaign is about giving people practical advice to help put an end to it and telling the culprits that we will don’t want it any more. Much of the junk mail that comes through our letterboxes is unwanted – it’s a waste of more than 3 million trees a year.”

The campaign is advising residents to register with the following organisations:

• Mailing Preference Service – to cut junk direct mail by up to 95%
• Royal Mail’s Door to Door Opt Out Service – to reduce the amount of unaddressed mail received from the Royal Mail
• Your Choice – to stop unaddressed mail and leaflets being posted through letter boxes
• Bereavement Register – to reduce mail sent to deceased relatives
Letter box stickers and advice sheets containing full details are available from 64 venues across Merseyside including libraries and council offices.

Stickers are also available by emailing or by calling 0151 255 2567 – a sticker will be sent out to residents free of charge.

MRWA Chief Executive Carl Beer said: “The sticker and preference service advice should help stop most of the unwanted post and we are today sending a clear message to all the companies that litter our doormats to respect the ‘no junk mail’ sticker that we are handing out as part of the campaign.

“In the meantime, we urge householders to continue to recycle any junk mail that does arrive in their homes.”



MRWA Chairperson, Councillor Joe DeAsha and Chief Executive of MRWA, Carl Beer are pictured testing out the ‘No Junk Mail’ letter box sticker.


Stickers to collect from collection points can be found at (Liverpool and St Helens residents should email or call 0151 255 2567 and a sticker will be sent out free of charge).

1. Each of the 600,000 homes on Merseyside is estimated to receive 650 pieces of junk mail every year.
2. Industry estimates put the current national volume of direct mail at 9bn items of unaddressed mail and 1.7bn of addressed direct mail. 380,000 tonnes of direct mail were produced in 2009 – almost 80% of it was recycled.
3. Other tips to cut down on junk mail include: Opting out of the edited voting register when you fill out your electoral registration; returning junk mail to the sender (marked ‘unsolicited mail, return to sender’) and directly asking the company sending the mail to stop – they are legally obliged to respect your request).
4. Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) is a statutory authority established in 1986, following the abolition of Mer