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Look good for less this Christmas and New Year (17 December 2018)

Love to look good?

Help your clothes sparkle for less this Christmas

Help your clothes sparkle for less this Christmas

Every year we say the same: “I’ve got nothing to wear”. Well, we are on a mission to change that. Research shows that 30% of our clothes haven’t been worn in the last year (that’s worth a whopping £1,200!), so we’re searching the back of wardrobes, the bottom of drawers and behind cabinets to help you find perfect party outfits to see you through the coming season – and, of course, help you get value for money.

We can help you to see your wardrobe through new eyes. With a few hints and tips we’ll reveal the potential your wardrobe has to create some jaw-dropping party outfits that you didn’t realise you already had.

We’ve put together some great ideas that are on trend, on budget and on track to make the most from our party clothes.

Party on and on and on – 1 LBD, 4 festive parties, 4 different looks

We’ve all got a little black dress tucked away in our wardrobes, and if we haven’t then we’ve certainly got something similar that we throw on for fancy occasions. The great thing about having a staple outfit is its versatility. Here we look at how to get the most value from one little black dress to see you through multiple parties.

Look 1: Pick a contrasting colour

Go to town on one colour to create a classy party look. Match shoes, tights, necklaces, hair bands, corsages, handbags, whatever you have – including underwear, if you like! Go vibrant and pop arty with electric blues, yellows, oranges or reds, or for understated elegance pick gold, silver or pewter.

Look 2: Wear more make up

Parties are the best excuse to experiment with make up and try something different. LBDs are so versatile that even wearing little accessories can create a big impact especially if you wear stronger make up. False eyelashes, deep coloured lipstick and sweeping black eye liner make striking statements. You can be as playful or as serious as you feel comfortable. Glittery or coloured eye shadows are fun ways to add colour to your outfit. Have a look online at fashion websites to see what will suit you and have some fun!

Look 3: Go for black on black with textures

Have a look and see which other black items you could add to your outfit– perhaps a jacket, a fluffy bolero, lacey tights, leather-studded gloves? By adding different textures in the same colour it can make an outfit look more expensive than it really is! Experiment and surprise yourself with the results.

Look 4: Customise, customise, customise…

Have you ever thought what your LBD would look like a little shorter or with a sequin trim along the hem, even tassels? Or how about an applique embellishment sewed on to one shoulder? There are so many possibilities to make your dress individual. Have a look online to see what fashions you’d like to recreate and search the high street or haberdashery stores for additions that will transform your outfit.

FASHION FACT: 44% of people said they had clothes in their wardrobe that they only wore for formal occasions. So surely that means that you could ask a friend if you could borrow or swap one of their ‘formal wear’ items they’ve got stashed away for one of yours?! It’s a super-cheap way to get your hands on something new for a party.


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