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Managing waste and recycling while at home (1 April 2020)

With the government advising many of us to stay at home it might be an idea to try and manage the amount of waste being created in your household. We’ve put together a list of tips, advice and ideas that might help keep your bin from over-flowing.

· Our Recycling Centres are closed at the minute so maybe now isn’t the time for major DIY or big home improvements. Please try and keep your household waste down to a minimum and maybe put off those big projects for the time being.

· Similarly, please keep any bulky household waste that needs to go to one of our Recycling Centres safe, dry and secure for when we reopen.

· Please keep electrical items out of any of your bins at home – hang onto them until we reopen!

· Noticed an item of clothing has a hole in? Can you repair it? Have a look online for video guides on how to repair clothes – and you might learn a new skill!

· All textiles can be recycled so please put them aside until you can take them to a donation point OR reuse old fabrics as cloths to use instead of disposable wipes· If you need to go food shopping don’t forget to bring your own reusable bags.

· We all need to make sure we aren’t wasting any food so remember to store food correctly – read the label if you aren’t sure. Use your fridge and freezer and use up leftovers where you can. For more food ideas take a look at

· We still want your household recycling – but when putting it in your bin remember to leave it loose, don’t bag the items. If you aren’t sure visit

· Kids looking to do something creative? Check out the ideas on this website to make toys out of recycled materials –

· If you can compost grass cuttings and hedge trimmings please do so, and if you can’t do that then keep your garden waste until we reopen. Want a home composter? Visit for great deals.

· Please don’t leave any waste outside the Recycling Centres! Leaving waste outside the Recycling Centres or anywhere else is classed as fly tipping and is a criminal offence for which people could be prosecuted.

· Regularly check your local council’s website for updates on changes to collections where you live.