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Ten Top Tips For Top Recyclers

Bins are boring. But we all have to use them! So here are ten ways to make recycling (and your life) a little bit easier:

1. Is it a sin to bin? Do you actually need to bin it? If an item still has a use then see if a family member, friend or work colleague wants it.

2. Waste Not Want Not. Many charities are desperate for things they can sell on. Think of them before you think of us.

3. Charity begins a home. A lot of charities will collect bulky items from your home (often for free) saving you an unnecessary journey to a Recycling Centre.

4. Got a van? Get a permit! If you’re in a van then you’ll need a permit to get into a Recycling Centre. Van drivers apply online here.

5. Get app happy. Our Recycling Centres are open seven days a week, but times vary – download our recycling App for a handy guide.

6. Choose to Re-use. We have two re-use community shops and many unused and unloved items would love a new lease of life.

7. Getting busy. If you’re visiting a Recycling Centre then you won’t want to sit in a queue when you get there. Try to avoid busier times such as weekends.

8. Get it sorted. Try and sort your items into specific materials before you visit your Recycling Centre – it’ll make your trip quicker.

9. Shop around. Some retailers have a take-back scheme and will remove your old item. Check with them if you’re getting something new delivered.

10.Think twice. If you’re out shopping and about to buy something ask yourself – “do I really need this?”

So, next time your open the bin or you’re planning a trip to the Tip think on – could your trash be another’s treasure?