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What happens to your recycled items?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycled items?

Different reprocessing companies take your sorted recycled items and materials to produce new everyday things like glass bottles and tomorrow’s newspapers.

All your recycling efforts makes a real difference – and each type of waste collected has an identified end market (correct at time of publishing).

  • Glass: is separated into two grades, where large grade is sent to be manufactured for flooring, and smaller grade glass is sent to produce aggregates.

  • Paper/magazines: paper is recycled into new newspapers, magazines and pamphlets paper stock. Mixed paper is pulped and recycled into lower grade paper products.

  • Steel cans: are melted to remove impurities and made into other steel cans/products.

  • Aluminium cans: cans are shredded and then melted down and recycled back into aluminium products.

  • Plastic bottles: are recycled to produce numerous products including new plastic bottles, pipes, fibres, food trays etc.

  • Cardboard: is pulped and recycled to produce new cardboard and cardboard packaging products, lower grade paper products and animal bedding.


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