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Revised closure date for Rainford Recycling Centre

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) have announced a revised closure date for the Rainford Household Waste Recycling Centre on Southerns Lane, Rainford in St Helens.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority members made a decision in April 2013 to close the Rainford Household Waste Recycling Centre on Southerns Lane in Rainford.

The Authority now intends to close the site at the end of March 2014. The Authority has revised the closure date until 2014 (from September 2013) because it will be redeveloping the Burtonhead Road (Ravenhead) Recycling Centre in St Helens.

Alex Murray, MRWA Director of Operations said: “The redevelopment of the Burtonhead Road Centre will mean that the site will be closed from autumn 2013 until spring 2014.

To ensure that residents have adequate recycling facilities available during that closure, the Authority has decided to keep open the Rainford site for an extra period of six months.”

The Authority will be issuing new information leaflets and will be displaying large information posters at the Rainford site to ensure that customers know about the change in closure date.


Notes for editors

(i) Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) have made a decision to close the Rainford Recycling Centre at Southerns Lane, Rainford in St Helens
(ii) The decision was made by the Authority’s elected members after considering the running costs of the site and its current usage.
(iii) The Rainford site has a range of operational restrictions in terms of size and location as well as shorter opening hours in relation to other sites.  In terms of value for money in relation to the amount of materials received on site and its recycling rates it is not considered cost effective to keep the Centre open.  In addition the site’s location within a residential area has also in the past generated issues with neighbours in terms of noise and vehicle movement, and it handles the smallest tonnage of materials of any of the 14 Merseyside Recycling Centres.
(iv) The St Helens area has additional Centres at: Rainhill, Newton le Willows, and there are two new modern Centres close by at Huyton and Kirkby which have similar catchment areas as other sites in Merseyside
(v) There are increasing financial pressures on local authorities at the present time, and it is the first time during the economic downturn that the Authority has reduced its operational service.
(vi) Logo onto or call Tel; 0151 255 1444 for the location of your nearest Recycling Centre.


Published 19th August 2013