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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer – now is the time to show your love not only for your partner but for the planet too! For the envi-romantics amongst you try not to be wasteful and instead buy gifts that help nature or an experience that will be fondly remembered.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for Merseyside couples to do something positive for each other, for the environment and for others less fortunate. Whilst people will be showering their loved ones with gifts this year, we’re also asking them to show their love for the world we share with others!

Here are some interesting ideas for green gifts, including:

– Buying tickets for an event or life experience
– Creating a box of happy memories
– Planting a tree in your garden or yard
– Collecting your favourite photos in a frame

Re-enact your first date
There’s a good chance that the beginning of your relationship was the time when you made the most effort to show her your romantic side, so why not turn back the clock and remind your other half how charming you were when you were first dating? Think back to your first date – make a reservation at the same place, eat the same food and reminisce about how you felt about her when you first met. Do the same things that first sparked your romance.

Give a coupon book
Make it yourself by binding beautiful paper with glue or yarn and hand-write ten personal coupons for anything that will be meaningful to your partner. Examples: “I’ll take the kids out for the day so you can have the house to yourself”, “This coupon is good for a home-cooked meal” or “One 20-minute back massage”.

Put pen to paper
Even if you’ve never done it, maybe especially if you’ve never done it, write a love note. The recipe is simple, three paragraphs. First, a cherished memory. Second, something you love about your partner. Third, how they makes you feel. Sign it “I love you”, and you’re done.

Jewellery or chocolate?
Maybe neither. Maybe a gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment – either have it done by a professional or even better, by you.

Create a box of happy memories
Fill a decorative box, which you can also make, with snapshots, shells, ticket stubs, or anything you like that reminds you of great times shared together.

Sponsorship support for wildlife
Be unconventional with this gift and your other half will cherish it. Help protect some of the World’s most vulnerable animals and places. Help endangered species, restore wildlife habitats, stop wildlife crime, protect our planet.

Bucket list
Infuse an incredible dose of adrenaline into your partner’s life! An unforgettable adventure gift gives any bucket list ambition loads of lifelong memories. Raft, skydive, zipline, bungee jump, hike, scuba, learn to fly or drive race cars.

Plant a tree
Head over to your local nursery and pick out a tree together, and then plant it in your garden or yard. A tree is the perfect gift for a nature lover. If you purchase a fruit tree, it will also keep on giving every year.

Frame it
Collect your favourite photos, pop round to your local charity shop and pick up some picture frames. The frames can be left as they are or can be jazzed up. You can either make one big collage of photos or individually frame your best pics.

Ultimately, whatever gift you decide to give, spotlight the reasons why your partner matters to you.